What’s in your water?

I’ve been debating writing this post, because I like people to find what works for them. It is the premise of my business. With that, I still figured it would be good to remind people of the other major factor in the taste of their coffee. What the water they used to brew it, brings into the mix.

Back in 2003, and I was on the USS Harry S. Truman, and we were making boxes in the ocean, I started noticing that the water fountain water tasted very metallic. I knew, because of my job, that our water was desalinated sea water. I knew how clean the machines made the water, because I was taught how the machine operated as part of my training school. I also knew that minerals had to be added back to the water to make it drinkable. I just wondered why I could taste so much of the minerals.

As with anyone that has been in the military, all of this crossed my mind, but we were deployed, and I really didn’t have time to ponder the problem further. I asked my family to send me a water bottle with a filter on it and went about my business.

When the ship got home, I was finally able to live in the house we’d found prior to flying out to my ship. I also got to drink the water. Unfortunately, the water had a strong chlorine flavor at the house, and it didn’t mater what water filter I used, I could always taste it. I was discouraged. I actually broke down and started drinking bottled water because of it. Please don’t judge. I knew that the water treatment plants in the area we lived in added chlorine, and I figured there was nothing I could do about it.

Fast forward about a dozen years and someone I was working with told me about the ZeroWater filters. Skeptical of their ability to get rid of that chlorine taste, I got one. Let me tell you that they work. No chlorine. No metallic taste. Just clean water.

I keep my pitcher next to my sink, so that I can’t forget to refill it. I also use it for all the water I drink, and the coffee I brew. I want to make sure that I’m tasting just the coffee when I’m sampling new beans, and you all are just tasting the coffee when you come by my table.

Even if you don’t want a ZeroWater pitcher, make sure that you are filtering your water if you want the best results. If the water out of your pitcher tastes good to you, then it will make your coffee taste better too. If you want more information about the ZeroWater filter let me know, though they are available at most grocery stores and Amazon. The pitchers also come with a free TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) meter. It helps to tell you when to change your filter before your water starts tasting bad.

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