Learning curve…continuing the journey of a small business owner

Galaxy Girl Coffee has been online since mid-May, and I’ve been going to the local farmer’s market since early July. I’ve been busy with the business, but also not busy with the business. Online sales aren’t brisk, and teaching potential customers at the farmer’s market about coffee is time consuming. I am loving every minute of it, though.

Figuring out the best system for the farmer’s market has been fun. I’ve become more efficient at setting up, and I can now do it on my own if necessary. I can’t wait until I can order my custom tent for the market. I’m also getting advice from some of the other vendors there. It’s helped quite a bit. One thing that many customers don’t realize is that the vendors are a tight community. We help each other, and most of us choose to redistribute some of our earnings to our fellow vendors.

My biggest struggles in the past few weeks have been trying to improve my website. I attempted to add a star rating system to my products, but for some reason it’s not work. I’m also trying to get my Facebook shop up and running, so that it can direct customers or potential customers to my website so they can put in an order. This also hasn’t been met with much success. I am not giving up, though. Once I figure out a way to get them both to work, I’ll let you all know.

From day one at the farmer’s market, I have offered cold brew samples of one of my coffee beans. I’ve never made cold brew before I started this business, as I’m more of a hot coffee person. I like the taste of the cold brew, but I also didn’t know how well I was doing making it. I still maintain that starting with great beans helps make great coffee, however it’s brewed. Last Saturday, I had someone who almost exclusively drinks cold brew, compliment my preparation method. They said they’ve paid for cold brew that wasn’t as good as my sample. This does reinforce my opinion about the beans, but it also helps support my eventual goal that when I can get a trailer, I’ll offer cold brew drinks for sale.

The final note for this entry is that, while my original goal of posting a journal entry every week was a good one, it’s okay if I miss it occasionally. I’ve been learning a lot and trying to work on other aspects of the business. Writing is hard, along with having the inspiration to write something worth reading. I’m not going to write junk entries. It’s not worth your time or mine.

On that note, thank you for joining me on this journey. Now go get some coffee 😉

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