I want to get some coffee, but I’m lost. Where do I start?

I understand that my selection and options might be a bit overwhelming for many. Most of us are used to going to the store and just getting whatever is there. Some of us know more about the kinds of coffee we like, but with more options, comes more indecision.

Those that are local to Manhattan, KS have the benefit of being able to taste test some of my beans if they go to the MHK Farmer’s Market. Those that aren’t local may be wondering how they can try new coffees without committing to the whole process. This is where my 4 oz samplers can help out.

 I’ve been trying a variety of coffees for a while now, and I know how bad it can be to get a bunch of coffee, not be enamored of it, and feel like you have to drink it. I think I’ve already mentioned one of the varieties that tasted like blueberries to me, which I couldn’t drink. I ended up sending it to a friend, because I just couldn’t force myself to drink the whole ½ lb I had. With that in mind, I offer 4 oz, pre-roasted samplers, so that you can get a couple different beans to see if you like them before committing to a ½ lb or 1 lb bag.

Additionally, with the holidays coming up, I will also be putting together some sampler gift packages, with the option of a hand grinder, for those that want to give the gift of coffee. These will be pre-orders, with shipping occurring closer to the holidays (I will be shipping a few days before the USPS last shipping day to hopefully ensure delivery before your holiday; whether that is Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanza, or any other holiday that might be celebrated). I would hate to have the coffee sit for a month waiting for the gift to be unwrapped. That kind of defeats the purpose of my business.

Please let me know if you have any other suggestions. One of my goals, as a roaster, is to change how people think about their coffee. Fresh coffee isn’t just for coffee snobs.

Tanzania Peaberry Sampler Bag

Tanzania Peaberry Sampler Bag

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