Happy New Year (a few days early)!

I know I have bean MIA for the last few months on my blog, but it’s been a busy few months. I was halfway done with two blog posts when I had someone start working on my website to update and tweak it so it reflected my business better. This caused my momentum to stall with writing posts. Then the holiday season also made things a little more hectic than normal, thus pushing back my focus once again. On a side note, I loved making the few gift ‘baskets’ that were ordered, though it was completely stressful. My perfectionism caused some problems.

With that being said, I’m hoping to get back into posting to my blog regularly. I still have the two posts that I was writing before to finish and publish in January. The goal is to try and post an entry every other week. This gives time to get ideas from my customers and coffee posts/videos I find online.

I’m also working on writing a new Excel program to manage my inventory. I had to get an iPad to handle sales at the farmer’s market, so I figured I might as well write a program that I can use for my roasting log, which I should be able to automate for tracking inventory levels. I forget that these types of things are considered working for my business too. The added benefit is data is cool and I might get a couple more blog posts out of it.

Additionally, I’ve applied to USAA’s 100th Anniversary Pitch Contest, and will continue to apply for all locations on the off chance I will be selected for one of the events. It is a long shot, but as I am bootstrapping this business on a wish and a prayer, I will continue to try for extra funding from other sources that don’t include loans. Even the process of applying for the pitch competition has helped. It has made me think about how GGC is doing in a way that is a lot more uplifting than at first glance. I love what I do, and it’s nice to see that I’m getting some traction.

Last on my list of news is that in January I hope to be debuting my first blend. It is exciting and I’m a little nervous, but I like it, and I am just waiting to hear back from one of my testers. It started as a happy accident when I left some beans in my grinder. I’ll do a full write up on how this came to be once I am actually able to add it to my inventory.

Thanks for stopping by.

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