Farmer’s Market here we come

This last week I’ve been preparing to have a table at the local farmer’s market ( The upside is that I’ll be meeting new people and getting my business name out there. The downside is I have to pre-roast coffee to sell as small samplers. This goes against my business model, but I’m hoping it works out.

The idea is that I’ll sell 4 oz sample packs of the beans I have available, with a discount if a customer purchases 4 or more. All will be roasted to a medium roast, which isn’t optimal for each bean, but can give people a general idea of if they will like the coffee. I will also have plenty of information available to help show potential customers what the different coffees have to offer, and will have some cold brewed coffee to sample at the table.

Once I get my first table, I’ll start offering to allow customers to pre-order coffee for pick up at the market. I’m hoping that this will not only help with my sales, but potentially get more people to the market. While I doubt it will change attendance very much, if at all, I figure every little bit helps. A lot of the other vendors at the market are really nice people.

I will definitely be posting pictures of my table on Instagram and Facebook. I’m a little nervous about all of this, but I’m excited too.

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