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There are two sides to having a coffee business. The business side, which I have been a bit more focused on lately, as it is easier for me to write about, and the coffee side, which is harder to write about because it is more subjective. I am routinely watching videos, reading articles, and drooling over equipment I hope to have for the business some day (I’m looking at you Mahlkonig Guatamala shop grinder). Sadly, I am not as good at summarizing what I learn about coffee as I am about the business side.

As some of you know, I watch a lot of videos done by James Hoffman, as he is witty and informational, with a solid foundation of empirical data to support his reviews, suggestions, and how to guides. He has helped a lot with my ability to give advice to my customers. I also know that he isn’t the only knowledgeable coffee guru out there, because, as I said before, coffee is subjective, but I do tend follow more of his posts than most.

One of the other people I follow and glean information from is another customer of Coffee Bean Corral, my vendor. I follow him on Instagram, and he reminded me of how much coffee is such an amazing and versatile drink. His whole post was about how he had grinded and brewed a coffee bean at a certain setting and got a specific dominant flavor in its profile, then grinded and brewed the same coffee, from the same roast batch, at a different setting and got a different dominant flavor from its profile. While his brew was different for the two tests, the brewing methods are what prompted the change in grinder settings.

I understand that a lot of people like preparing their coffee a certain way. Just remember that you might be missing out. Our daily method of brewing may be inhibiting our palate cultivation. It is one of the reasons I refer to myself as a coffee lover and not a coffee snob. I am attempting to collect all the various brewing methods apparatus so I can pass any information I glean to you all. We are in this together, so let’s enjoy our coffee to its fullest.

*Just a note-I added links just because I like to support those businesses I think are doing a good job. I get nothing from them for this.

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