India: Monsooned Malabar AA, Karnataka


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This is a very unique coffee specifically because of the “Monsooning” process. The natural coffee beans are in a well-ventilated brick or concrete floored warehouses in thick, 4-6in piles and are exposed to moisture filled monsoon winds. Exposing these beans to this type of weather brings out distinctive flavor notes that cannot be found in other processes.

The process is carried out on the West Coast of India using the winds from the Arabian Sea during Monsoon months of June through September. This 12-to-16-week process begins with top grade beans, Arabica cherry AB, that have already been processed by the Natural method. To ensure equal moisture absorption in all the beans, they are raked frequently and followed by bulking and re-bagging at consistent intervals. During this process, the beans absorb the moisture in stages, swelling nearly twice their original size and developing colors ranging from pale gold to light brown. After several more weeks, the coffee is re-bulked, graded, bagged, and moved to a drier region for long term storage. This results in very unique flavors that appeal to coffee lovers all over the world.

Cupping notes: Spicy, earthy, smoky, and sweet tobacco flavors with a creamy body and medium acidity.

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